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Archtop Helix

Top and back completely handcarved and tuned. 
Three pieces laminated neck with ebony and flamed maple veener on headstock. Abalone inlays.
Handmade ebony tailpiece, pickguard and maple bridge. Wooden bindings on the whole guitar from flamed koa/ebony. Single cutaway body, 17" wide, cca 3" depth.
Nitrocellulose lacquer on special "bio" propolis base coat. 25" string scale. Top single coil pickup mounted on pickguard.

Purple Solo 3000

Unique scale 678 mm - excellent for soloist.
Maple neck through, titatium passive truss rod.

Mahagony body.

Maple top on body and headstock.
Ebony fingerboard and nut.
Gotoh tuners, Schaller bridge.

Pickups Nordstrand NP9.0. Nitro varnish.

Alder Phoenix

Flame Alder body.

Ebony fingerboard and nut.

Custom pickups wooden cover

with no screws.

Nordstrand pickups.

Schaller hardware.

Special super secret finish with propolis.


NO truss rod design,

maple neck through.

Marblewood top + headstock and knobs.

Rosewood fingerboard and nut,

mahagony/maple body.

Fender 57/62 pickups set.

Abstract fretless Jazz

Fretless NO truss rod design,

maple neck through.

Ebony fingerboard,

mahagony/maple body.

Special abstract painting by Vesnatelier.


Mix of five string cello strings and

cello scale (690 mm) with fretless

bassguitar design. 

Maple top and neck, alder body,

Nordstrand pickups Big Blade V,

Hipshot hardware. Special super secret

nitro varnish.

The Elf

My first violin, made just because of obssesion.

Next will be much more classical,

according to all violin making traditions.

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